Year in Review 2022

All the videos created in 2022

Also includes the number of robots, projects and articles were produced each month too.


Total Robots Created 10


TwitcherPi Part 2, Creating a Web API with Flask and MongoDB
6 Raspberry Pi Terminal Hacks you need to know
Meet the Maker, Alex Glow and Companion Robots.
Pimoroni Trilobot Review, Raspberry Pi 4 powered Robot Kit
Pimoroni Breakout Garden Review
DIY Lego Compatible Robot Parts, from just 1 Model Using Fusion 360
Face detection Companion Bot, with Trilobot
Minnie likes Chip tune music, specifically Robocop for the ZX Spectrum 128k
PiDeck, the Stream Deck alternative you can make yourself
Raspberry Pi OS 64 bit, Upgrade now or wait?
Periodic Table of Robotics, Part 1 Building the Page
Meet the Maker, James Bruton
Cray,1 Raspberry Pi Supercomputer, but how fast and why?, Part 4
How good are Weather Station Sensors?
Compute Module 4 & IO Board, Worth it?
10 Raspberry Pi Projects you can make yourself, Raspberry Pi 10th Birthday
5000 Subscriber show & Post Raspberry Pi Event Catchup
Thank You.
How to build a robot
How to Map with LiDAR, using a Raspberry Pi Zero 2W, RPLidar and Rviz
Will the motors actually work?, Explora Update & Design improvements
How to use an Xbox Controller with your Robot
How to render a Fusion 360 Animation in Blender
PicoCat v2 with the new Pimoroni Servo 2040, is this the best board they've ever made?
How to use RGB LED Strips with the Plasma 2040
They Just Killed Pi, 7 April 2022 Raspberry Pi Bullseye Update
Bugs, the RoboBunny, Create your own Robotic Easter Bunny
How to create Cute Robots in Fusion 360
Isaaca Inmoov robot is different
Mecanum Wheeled Robot, Rover
Pimoroni Grow Hat Review
Cyber Glasses you can hack yourself, Raspberry Pi Pico Powered glasses for Soldering
What is PicoZero?
The TRUTH about the Enviro+ Air Quality Sensors
This is how I'd build a Text Scroller
How to run Python programs at startup, on Raspberry Pi
Python for Robotics, Beyond Basics
Why I Built BurgerBot, and a review of the Motor 2040
Home Automation with Python and Home Assistant
Pimoroni Factory Tour (on the Pico W Launch Day)
Raspberry Pi Pico W, the new Raspberry Pi Pico with Wi-Fi
Raspberry Pi Pico W Robot, Burgerbot gets an upgrade
Raspberry Pi Pico W Robot, Hacking Big Mouth Billy Bass
Ghostbusters Wi-Fi Scanner #short
Raspberry Pi Pico W Ghostbusters PKE style Wi-Fi Scanner
Watchdog Timer, What is it, and how to use it in MicroPython
SMARS Inventor, the Pimoroni Inventor 2040 W Powered SMARS robot
How to log motion sensor to Google sheets with a Raspberry Pi Pico W
Build Your Own AI Assistant Part 6, Skills and Plugins
Pimoroni Enviro Lineup Review, worth the upgrade?
Is the Raspberry Pi High,Quality Camera worth it? & Build your own Camera
DO THIS to connect two Picos together, to Pico Communication via UART
Build your own web server using a Raspberry Pi Pico W using Phew.
Cyberdog - RGB LED Coat for my Dog - part 1
How to build a captive portal with MicroPython - the easiest way EVER!
Cyberdog Walkabout #Short
Cyberdog build, an RGB LED dog coat powered by Raspberry Pi Pico W
Cyberdog Coat Build and Test - Did it work?
Raspberry Pi RP2040 powered Gort, from the movie The Day The Earth Stood Still.
Simple Robot Arm you can build yourself
10K - Thank you.
Burgerbot v2, now quicker on the draw. Subscribe for more robot, raspberry Pi and Micropython stuff
BurgerBot V2 - How to make a Robot THAT CAN DRAW!
How to build a BurgerBot v2 - its EASIER than you think!
Pomodoro robot! This is a work in progress but too cute not to share
Build your own Cute Pomodoro Desk Robot - HeyBot!
We are the Robots! Here are a couple of builds from my robot lab. #shorts
So many things to review - the Smart CuteBot, Arducam TOF, Pimoroni Pico System, Maker & Seeed stuff
Build Your Own AI Assistant Part 7 - Pomodoro Skill
This is why I don't leave the house #shorts
Build your own Spooky Scary Skeleton Halloween Robot!
How to make a robot blush #shorts
What happens when robots die?
Best night of his life
There is something unholy in here #shorts
There is something unholy in here…
Who you gonna call?
Mecanum wheels are so cool… #shorts
Do robot bunny's have fluffy tails? #shorts
Make your own GhostBox - using a Raspberry Pi Pico
What is she thinking? #shorts
Will Elon Musks robot take over the world?
Setting up a Raspberry Pi plant sensor #shorts
It’s cute, but what is it?
How many robots do I have?? 🤖🔥#shorts
Micropython Robot - Cutebot review
CuteBot! #shorts
3 Hour PICADE Unboxing, The Raspberry Pi Powered Retro Arcade Machine
WAIT! macOS Ventura Drag and Drop Bug affects Raspberry Pi Pico and Circuit Python users!
Ultrasonic scanner, ready when you are!
I made a robot that can see using sound. #shorts
Build a Radar robot using Ultrasound with Raspberry Pi Pico - Full Livestream version
Just don’t make it angry
Build your own Ultrasonic Radar Robot - Part 1
Build your own Ultrasonic Radar Robot - Part 2
Build your own Ultrasonic Radar Robot - Part 3
There is no Cake #shorts
Work in progress - worlds most over-engineered Christmas tree bauble
The worlds most advanced Christmas Tree Bauble
Making the worlds most over-engineered Christmas Tree Bauble LIVESTREAM
Building the worlds most advanced Christmas Tree Bauble - Part 1
Building the worlds most advanced Christmas Tree Bauble - Part 2
Building the worlds most advanced Christmas Tree Bauble - Part 3
Building the worlds most advanced Christmas Tree Bauble - Part 4
Learn MicroPython - Part 1 Controlling the flow
OMG - I got recognised! #shorts
Learn MicroPython - Part 2 If, Else & Data Types
Raspberry Pi 4 Desktop Kit Unboxing
Learn MicroPython - Part 3 Loops and Operators
I made a Guitar Hero game using a Pimoroni Galactic Unicorn #raspberrypi #micropython #shorts
Make your own Galactic Guitar Hero game - using a Pimoroni Galactic Unicorn
How to design and make a robot

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