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The best robotic Arm kit available!

Potato Powered Pico

The humble potato, a staple of many diets around the world, has a surprising additional use: as a battery. Today, we’ll explore the science behind potato batteries, perform some calculations, and walk you through how to wire them together.

1 June 2023 by Kevin McAleer


The really cool thing about the website is that it has the largest collection of links to Raspberry Pi Hats, pHats, wHats, Bonnets and shims that you'll find anywhere else on the internet.

28 May 2023 by Kevin McAleer

Makers Central

Makers Central is a UK based event, hosted at the Birmingham National Exhibition Centre (NEC); this year it took place over the 13 & 14 of May 2023.

22 May 2023 by Kevin McAleer