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Arduino Alvik

Is this the best MicroPython robot of 2024?

 26 May 2024   |     2 minute read   |   By Kevin McAleer   |   Share this article on


For every project I create, I often make a corresponding YouTube video. Sometimes, there might be more than one video for a single project. You can find these videos in this section.

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What is Arduino Alvik?

Arduino launched a new robot aimed at beginners but certainly not limited to that audience. It’s their first robot that’s designed for MicroPytjon first. There is even a new Arduino Lab for MicroPython IDE so you can get writing code faster.

It’s powered by the Arduino Nano ESP32 and has a whopping 16Mb of storage for all your programs.

Alvik Costs €130, plus shipping and Tax, and is available from the Arduino store.

In short, its designed for beginners, but has lots of expansion for more advanced users

What can Alvik it do

Here is an overview diagram of all the Alvik components:

exploded diagram

Alvik has a number sensors and actuators:


  • 8x8 time of flight distance sensor that can measure up to 3.5 meters. The array also means it can track the direction an object is moving
  • RGB Colour sensor
  • 3x Line sensors
  • 7x Touch sensors - Yes/No, Left, Right, Up, Down and Center
  • 6 Axis Gyroscope-Accelerometer


  • 2x RGB LEDs
  • 6v DC motor with encoders, max speed 96 rpm & Rubber wheels


  • WiFi
  • Bluetooth LE
  • 2x Servo headers
  • 2x Grove headers
  • 2x Qwiic headers


  • Onboard Core processor - STM32 Arm® Cortex®-M4 32 Bit
  • Main processor - Arduino® Nano ESP32


  • 1x 18650 (included) with USB-C charging (USB-C to USB-C cable included)
  • On/Off switch

Alvik comes with several example programs to get you started, including a line following program, an obstacle avoidance program and and a touch-move program where you can use the touch controls to move the robot around.

Alvik and MicroPython

Alvik is designed to be programmed in MicroPython. The Arduino Lab for MicroPython IDE is a new IDE that is designed to make it easy to write code for Alvik.

Alvik IDE

The Arduino-Alvik library is a collection of MicroPython modules that make it easy to interact with the sensors and actuators on Alvik. It’s interesting to see how these are arranged and how they interact with the hardware. You can access the official API documentation here.

Getting started with Alvik

Getting started with the Alvik is easy. You can find a simple guide here.

There is also a step by step course to help you get up and running Alvik and learning how to use each component, here.

I’ve created a downloadable PDF track so you can play with the line following sensors right away.