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Thanks for dropping by; there are lots of resources on this site to help you getting started with Robotics. The video feed below shows you the last 4 videos that have been published on my YouTube channel

Learn MicroPython, Part 3 Loops and Operators

2 hours ago | 90 Views

Learn MicroPython, Part 2 If, Else & Data Types

7 days ago | 3136 Views

Learn MicroPython, Part 1 Controlling the flow

2 weeks ago | 2548 Views

Building the worlds most advanced Christmas Tree Bauble, Part 2

2 weeks ago | 253 Views

Learn now live!
New MicroPython course
Worlds most advanced Bauble
Fun with Cheerlights
Radar Robot
Scan surroundings using Ultrasound
Build your own AI series Released!
3 parts are now available!
Spooky Scary Skeleton
A Halloween Robot
Pomodoro Desk Robot
Build your own Pomodoro Desk bot
Robot Arm
Build your own Robot Arm
BurgerBot V2
BurgerBot gets an upgrade
Common Part Dimensions
Sizes of common electronics
Phew! Access Point
MicroPython Captive Portal
SMARS Inventor
Pimoroni Inventor 2040W
Next Cube
a Homage to the original WWW server
A simple 3D Printable Robot
PIKON Camera
Raspberry Pi High Quality Camera Project
Stevenson Screen
For Pimoroni Enviro Indoor
Hack a Big Mouth Billy Bass
Hack with a Pico
Pi Stands
Cute stands for Raspberry Pis
Explora Robot
Print your own
Zero Stand
Cute stand for Raspberry Pi Zeros
Rover Robot
Build your own Mecanum Robot
Bugs the Robo-Bunny
An Easter Robot
PicoCat Lives
V2 of PicoCat Robot
New Upgrades and Improvements
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