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Hi! I'm Kev, Welcome to the ultimate destination for all things robots!

Here, you'll find a wealth of information and resources on robots, including the latest projects I've created and developed.

From in-depth how-it-works articles, to a build blog that showcases my latest creations, to product reviews and courses, KevsRobots.com has everything you need to bring your robot ideas to life. So, lets dive straight in, learn with me as we build robots, bring them to life with code and have a whole load of fun along the way!

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02 Dec 23


I built my own Toothbrush - But will it work?

26 Nov 23


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18 Nov 23


Game Changer? In-Depth Review of the Raspberry Pi 4's Picar-X Robot Kit!

12 Nov 23



Deep Dive into some projects and topics

As well as the project write-ups, I also write blog articles that cover robotics topics in greater detail. Dive in now to learn more about robotics.

Pico W Toothbrush


Learn more about my builds

I love building robots, and if you're here you probably do too! I've written up each robot build with a bill of materials and a step-by-step guide to building your own. I've also included the downloadable 3D printable STL files as well as the code to bring it to life.


Learn about non-robotic projects

These projects include a full write-up, bill of materials, downloadable STL files as well as MicroPython code.


Detailed reviews of products

When I get sent products from companies, or when I purchase them myself, I like to give them an honest review. There is a scoring system that is applied objectively to all products reviewed.