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Meet Cubie-1; the Raspberry Pi 4 robot designed to help you learn ROS. Cubie is a 3d printable robot, with a LiDAR sensor and 16mp autofocus Arducam camera module.

Cubie-1 was designed to support the Learn ROS with me series.

Cubie-1 also got an update in January 2024 with new Motor Drivers and an IMU sensor. Cubie-1 can also run Viam for SLAM Navigation, see the article on VIAM and SLAM here.

VIAM and SLAM Article

Bill of Materials

Item Description Qty Price
Lidar Slamtec RPLidar A1 1 £90.00
Motors N20 Motors 4 £10.00
Explorer Hat Pimoroni Explorer Hat 1 £13.20
Arducam 16mp autofocus Arducam 1 £30.00
Battery 5000mAh LiPo battery 1 £18.00
Wheels Moonbuggy Wheels (pair) 2 £4.50
Raspberry Pi 4 Raspberry Pi 4 8Gb 1 £85.50
M3 nuts & Bolts Assortment 1 £9.99

3d Design

Cubie is made up of several 3d printable parts:

  • Base
  • Pillar
  • Shelf
  • Top
  • Spacer
  • Motor Holders
  • Pi Holder
  • Camera holder
  • Front Panel
  • Side Panel
  • Top Side Panel
  • Back Top Panel


  • This project uses a Raspberry Pi 4, which is powered by the USB powerbank.
  • The motors are connected to the Explorer Hat; the two left motors connect to Motor 1 and the two right motors to Motor 2.
  • The Arducam connects to the CSI camera module connector on the Raspberry Pi.
  • The Lidar connects to the Raspberry Pi via the USB Port. (a later update may change this to connect directly via 2 GPIO pins).

ROS2 Python code

A later update will provide the code.

STL files

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