Hack a Big Mouth Billy Bass

Hack with a Fish with a Pico

9 July 2022 | 1 minute read

By Kevin McAleer | Share this article on

  Tags: Billy Bass robot
  Difficulty: Intermediate
  Category: pets pico micropython wierd robots hacks


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Pico W plaything

I’ve seen a lot of tutorials that show you how to switch and LED on and off or host a webpage on a Pico W to toggle an LED on and off, so I thought I’d take this to the next level.

Big Mouth Billy Bass

I bought an original Big Mouth Billy Bass from Ebay a couple of months ago and its been sitting on my shelf ever since. I decided this would be the perfect robot project for the Pico W - to hack the Big Mouth and make it move using a Pico, and then make this controllable via a webpage.

Bonus points

Someone asked if i would make this accessible over the Internet, so a couple of clicks later and i had purchased the domain big.mouthpi.co (Big Mouth Pico).

To protect my home IP address, and also prevent denial of service attacks I also setup Cloudflare to add an extra layer between the domain name url and the actual Pico W on my home network.

If you want to access the Pico W yourself and give it a go - head over to https://mouthpi.co and click some buttons!

Source Code

If you want to download the code and have a play with it yourself you can download it from https://www.github.com/kevinmcaleer/bigmouth_wifi