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Everything I made in 2022

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How many robots, projects, code, 3d designs did I make in 2022?

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13 December 2022 by Kevin McAleer | Share this article on


2022 was a year of growth and building projects

2022 was a year full of robot projects, interviews, reviews, new product launches and connecting with people. Its late December which is commonly the time to reflect on how things went over the past year.


In January 2022 the YouTube channel had 3784 Subscribers, which was a growth of about 2300 from 2021, and the year is closing out with over 12440, with is a growth of 8616, which is neary 4 times as much growth as the previous year.

My projects featured in The MagPi Magazine (the official magazine of Raspberry Pi), a number of times:

  • Ghostbusters Wi-Fi project
  • Cyberdog RGB LED Coat
  • Feature on me as a Maker
  • Big Mouth Billy Bass project
  • Every issue in MagPi Monday section

Pikon Camera

The Pikon camera project featured in a number of places online:

Pico W launch at Pimoroni HQ

One of the highlights of the year was being part of the Pico W launch at the Pimoroni factory in Sheffield with the team. Throughout the launch day we went live and showcased a number of Pico W based products with Jon, Paul, Niko, Chris and the team. I really enjoyed being part of the launch and getting hands of with it before it was generally released.

You may know that I make Product Introduction videos for the Pimoroni website, hosted on their YouTube channel.

Raspberry Pi visit

In November I visited Raspberry Pi Towers in Cambridge, and spent the day with maker in residence, Toby Roberts. It was an absolutely amazing day meeting everyone and spending time with a fellow maker. Toby is great, a really talented maker, and I’m looking forward to working on future projects with him.

GitHub Contributions

According to GitHub I’ve made 1,159 contributions this year to my GitHub account.

GitHub contribution diagram

How many Robots & other Projects have I made this year

I’ve tallied up all the robots and projects I’ve made this year and here are the numbers:

Robots 15
Projects 28
Videos (Livestreams, Prerecorded & Shorts 111

January 2022

Title Description Type Date
Twitcher Pi Part 2 - Creating a Web API Continuing the Twitcher Pi Project Project 2 Jan 2022
DIY Lego Compatible robot parts Learn how to make Lego compatible robot parts using Fusion 360 Project 23 Jan 2022
Face detection companion bot with Trilobot Detect human faces using OpenCV and Python Robot 30 Jan 2022
Picade unboxing A long livestream of me unboxing and building the Picade Retro Arcade Project 31 Jan 2022

February 2022

Title Description Type Date
Perodic table of Robotics An attempt to classify the different types of robotic elements into a table Project 6 Feb 2022
How good are Weather Station Sensors Review of the Enviro+ sensors & Integration with MQTT & Node-Red Project 20 Feb 2022
10 Raspberry Pi Projects you can make yourself 10th anniversary of the Raspberry Pi show Project 27 Feb 2022

March 2022

Title Description Type Date
How to Map with LiDAR - using a Raspberry Pi Zero Map a room with LiDAR Robot 13 Mar 2022
Hot to use an Xbox Controller with your Robot Title says it all! Project 20 Mar 2022
PicoCat v2 with the new Pimoroni Servo 2040 PicoCat, with new servos and driver board Robot 27 Mar 2022 You’re on it now! Website 26 Mar 2022

April 2022

Title Description Type Date
How to use RGB LED Strips with Pimoroni Plasma 2040 LEDS! Make them light up Project 3 Apr 2022
Bugs - the RoboBunny, Create your own Robotic Easter Bunny Its an Easter bunny robot Robot 10 Apr 2022
How to create Cute robots in Fusion 360 Make cute robots in Fusion 360 Robot 17 Apr 2022
Isaaca Inmoov robot is different Intro to Isaaca Robot 24 Apr 2022

May 2022

Title Description Type Date
Mecanum Wheeled Robot - Rover Meet Rover! Robot 1 May 2022
Cyber Glasses you can hack yourself Make Cyberglasses Project 8 May 2022
This is how I’d build a Text Scroller Pre-Galactic Unicorn Project 22 May 2022
Raspberry Pi Stands Make Stands for your Pis Project 22 May 2022

June 2022

Title Description Type Date
Python for Robotics - Beyond the Basics Learn Intermediate Python Project 12 Jun 2022
Why I build BurgerBot Meet BurgerBot v1 Robot 19 Jun 2022
Home Automation with Python and Home Assistant Home Assistant goodness Project 26 Jun 2022
Pimoroni Factory Tour You asked for it! Review 30 Jun 2022

July 2022

Title Description Type Date
Raspberry Pi Pico W Robot - BurgerBot gets an upgrade BurgerBot v2 Robot 3 Jul 2022
Raspberry Pi Pico W Robot - Hacking Big Mouth Billy Bass Its an Internet controllable fish Project 10 Jun 2022
Raspberry Pi Pico W Ghostbusters PKE style Wi-Fi scanner My favourite project Project 17 Jul 2022
SMARS Inventor - the Pimoroni Inventor 2040 W A new SMARS robot Robot 24 Jul 2022
How to log motion sensor to google sheets with a Raspberry Pi Pico W Does what it says Project 31 Jul 2022
Atari 2600 Raspberry Pi Compute module Atari 2600 Fusion 360 build - write up due in 2023 Project 25 Jul 2022

August 2022

Title Description Type Date
Build your own AI Assistant Part 6 - Skill and Plugins Part 6 of build your own AI project Project 7 Aug 2022
Is the Raspberry Pi High-Quality Camera worth it? A DIY Raspberry Pi Project 21 Aug 2022
Build your own web server using a Raspberry Pi Pico W Pico W webserver Project 28 Aug 2022

September 2022

Title Description Type Date
How to build a captive portal with MicroPython Build a Wi-Fi Hotspot with a Pico W Project 4 Sep 2022
Cyberdog Coat build and test Archie gets an overengineered RGB LED Coat Project 11 Sep 2022
Simple Robot Arm you can build yourself Robotic Arm Robot 18 Sep 2022
BurgerBot v2 - how to make a robot THAT CAN DRAW! BurgerBot v2 - with Pen module Robot 25 Sep 2022
Stephenson tube Fusion 360 model to house the Enviro+, no write up Project 28 Sep 2022

October 2022

Title Description Type Date
Build your own Cute Pomodoro Desk robot Pomodoro robot Robot 2 Oct 2022
Build you own Spooky Scary Skeleton Halloween Robot Skeleton robot Project 9 Oct 2022
Make your own GhostBox Paranormal Ghostbox project Project 16 Oct 2022
MicroPython Robot - Cutebot review Cutebot review Robot 30 Oct 2022

November 2022

Title Description Type Date
Build a Radar robot using Ultrasound Meet Sonic Robot 6 Nov 2022
Making the worlds most overengineered Christmas tree bauble Xmas tree bauble Project 13 Nov 2022
Raspberry Pi Desktop Kit Unboxing Raspberry Pi 4 review Review 27 Nov 2022

December 2022

Title Description Type Date
MicroPython course Learn MicroPython for free Course 4 Dec 2022
Make your own Galactic Guitar Hero Game using a Pimoroni Galactic Unicorn Fun game Project 11 Dec 2022
How to design and make a robot Tips and live build Project 18 Dec 2022

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