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Design and Inspiration

RoboBunny is based on PicoCat version 2, which was originally based on OpenCat. I uses the pimoroni Servo 2040 all-in-one 18 servo microcontroller, powered by the Raspberry Pi RP2040.


RoboBunny features a new head & ear profile, modified rear legs as well as a pom-pom floofy tail.

3D Printable Parts

Here is a list of the parts:

Part stl Description Qty to print
body body.stl The main body section 1
tibia tibia.stl The upper leg section 4
collar collar.stl Connects the legs to the body 2
foot foot.stl The front feet - you’ll need to mirror one of these in your slicing software 2
leg leg.stl The rear leg section - you’ll need to mirror one of these in your slicing software 2
rear foot rear_foot.stl The rear foot - you’ll need to mirror one of these in your slicing software 2
eye mask eye_mask.stl The Eye surround 1
profile profile.stl the head profile 1
nose nose.stl the nose piece 1
ear profile ear_profile.stl the ear profile 1
chin chin.stl the chin section 1
neck neck.stl the neck servo connector 1

Code Repository

The Robobunny code is written in MicroPython using the Pimoroni Servo 2040 (batteries included) build. The code is available on github:

picture picture picture picture

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