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Enviro Sensors

Pimoroni Indoor sensor

Have you seen the new Pimoroni Enviro range of sensors? There are is a line up of great sensors, including:

  • Enviro Indoor - for measuring indoor temperature, humidity, pressure and Volitile Organic Compounds (VOC). It also has a light and colour sensor.
  • Enviro Urban - for measuring outdoor temperature, humidity, pressure and particulate matter
  • Enviro Grow - for measuring plant health; moisure level, humidity, temperature, pressure and even has 3 water pump connectors for auto watering your plants
  • Enviro Weather - for measuring weather, including Rain level, Windspeed and direction, temperature, humidity, pressure and light levels
  • Enviro Camera - 2 megapixel camera for capturing images of wildlife

What makes the Enviro a standout product

The Enviro has a special feature up it sleeve - it can run on a battery for over 6 months due to insanely great battery management. This means you can plug in a battery pack, place it somewhere convienent and forget about it!

Local Storage, MQTT and even InfluxDB connectivity

The Enviro takes data readings every 5 minutes, and after the 5th reading it will connect to the local Wi-Fi and upload the readings to a number of end points, including:

  • MQTT (this is the endpoint I’ve choosen)
  • InfluxDB
  • Local storage
  • Adafruit I/O
  • Custom HTTP endpoint

3D Printed Enclosure (STL Files)

I’ve designed a cute enclosure for the Enviro Indoor, which is big enough to hold both the Enviro and a battery Pack. The design is based on the larger Stevenson Screen, which is pretty cheap at £13 plus shipping.

Enviro 3d design render

You can download the STL files here:

The Enclosure.stl is the main body, and the Bottom.stl is the bottom section that can be screwed in with two 2M screws/bolts.

These are completely free to download - if you want to support my work (which is always free), you can buy me a coffee

Enjoy! -Kevin

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