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This project provides a cute retro case for the Compute Module development board and the CM4 module in the style of the Atari 2600, Perfect as a retro gaming platform.

Atari 2600 case

About the Compute module

I bought the Raspberry Pi Compute Module development board and the CM4 module during the height of the Raspberry Pi shortage that’s now, thankfully, coming to an end. The CM4 is similar in specification to the Raspberry Pi 4; however, it can also optionally feature eMMC storage instead of the SD card. The compute modules can also come with or without Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

I opted for the CM4 with 16Gb eMMC and Wi-Fi module.

Atari 2600 case open with compute module visible

Bill of Materials

Item Description Qty Price
Compute Module CM4 16Gb eMMC with Wi-Fi 1 £72.00
Raspberry Pi Compute Module IO Board Development board 1 £36.00
Wood Effect Tape 5M Woodgrain Patterned Duct Tape Wood Effect 1 £9.99
3D Printing Filament eSUN PLA+ Filament 1.75mm, 3D Printer Filament PLA Plus, 1KG 1 £15.99
M2.5 Screws M2 or M2.5 Screws will secure the IO board to the case 4 £1.00

3d Design

The case is made up of 3 pieces:

Base Top Front
Base Top Front

3d design

Use the wood effect tape to wrap the front piece. This will bring the model to life and give it that retro 70s feel.

3d design

3d design

3d design

Notice the orange/red outline on the front of the top section and the printed decal sticker. In his picture, it looks relatively crude, but from a distance, you can’t see that it’s a separate piece. The orange/red outline was created using an acrylic paint pen.

Download the decal here A4 2600_decal.pdf.

3d design

3d design

Finishing touches

You can add some rubber feet to raise the case off the surface and complete the retro look and feel.

STL files

Download the 3d printable STL files here:

Don’t forget the decal - A4 2600_decal.pdf.

Difficulty: Intermediate
Type: project
retro games raspberrypi 3dprinting

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