Year in Review 2023

All the videos created in 2023

Also includes the number of robots, projects and articles were produced each month too.


Total Robots Created 15


Learn ROS with me Part 1 - Build a ROS robot
Learn ROS with me Part 2 - Setting up the Raspberry Pi
Learn ROS with me Part 3 - Playing with ROS
Learn ROS with me Part 4 - Lidar Visualisation with RViz2
Learn ROS with me Part 4b - Fixed the bug!
Design Your Own Eye Mechanism in Fusion 360
This Steam Punk Robot Will Blow Your Mind - Check Out What It Can Do!
What does a robot see? Let’s find out! 🤖👀 #robotics #micropython #python #raspberrypi
I have a new Pet. Meet Bubo! #robotics #python #raspberrypi
Bittle Robotic Dog Unboxing and Review
Learn Servo Easing with MicroPython
The new Raspberry Pi Debug Probe
Create a robot that can tweet and post to Instagram using Python
Build your own low-poly robot - PicoCrab 2.0
I Made a Self Watering Plant System with Enviro Grow and Grow Hat Mini
Building Dashboards with Grafana on Raspberry Pi
Powering your projects - A quick guide
Build a ChatGPT-Like language model in Python on a Raspberry Pi
Build your own wrist-mountable Raspberry Pi console
Exploring Pybricks: LEGO Mindstorms Evolved
Ikea Head Lamp Hack with MicroPython
2023 - Project updates
Raspberry Pi Pico with MicroPython - GPIO Mastery
Pimoroni Inventor Hat Mini Review
Build the Ultimate Birthday Card with a Raspberry Pi Pico
Build a Line following robot with MicroPython
Build a Cute Humanoid Interactive Pal - CHIP!
Object Oriented Python for Robots - building Chip Part 2
Check Out These Mind-Blowing Projects from Makers Central 2023...
The Shortage is over, so let's look at Every Raspberry Pi HAT, PHAT, WHAT and Shim
Can you power a #RaspberryPi #Pico using Potato’s?
Can robots dance? #python #robotics
Assemble & Code with MeArm and Pimoroni Inventor Hat on Raspberry Pi Zero W
Master GPIO with Raspberry Pi Pico & MicroPython - Part 2
XGO CM4 Robot dog Unboxing & Live stream hangout
Elecfreaks microbit Retro Arcade review and unboxing
How to make a Bluetooth remote using a Raspberry Pi Pico W and MicroPython
How to Draw Graphics with MicroPython, and PicoGraphics
How to create Databases in Python with SQLite
How to build a no-code robot with Viam
Googley Eyes that Google what they see
The chicken nugget of Doom
How to Design PCBs with Fusion 360
How to setup RetroPie on Raspberry Pi 4
PCB Fabrication - making a Bluetooth Remote Control
How to add Over-the-Air updates to your MicroPython projects
Elecfreaks Cutebot Pro Review
How to use 8x8 LED Displays with MicroPython
I bought these TEMU Robots so you don't have to!
SMARS: The Ultimate Robot for beginners
Naomi's Heat-Set Inset Tool Review
Chris Barnatt on the new Raspberry Pi 5
Jeff Geerling on the new Raspberry Pi 5
Eben Upton on the new Raspberry Pi 5
The new Raspberry Pi 5 - first look
Raspberry Pi 5 - Hands on Livestream
Raspberry Pi 5 - How fast is OpenCV Face detection?
Raspberry Pi 5 Projects, you have to make
Creating IoTs using Arduino Cloud and the Nano ESP32
Game Changer? In-Depth Review of the Raspberry Pi 4's Picar-X Robot Kit!
The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Pandas for Python
I built my own Toothbrush - But will it work?
Is this the best robot, ever? Pimoroni Yukon + Omnibot 2000
Raspberry Pi 5 Robotics: Crafting an Elf-Detecting AI with VIAM!
2024 Predictions & 2023 Year in Review
Next-Level Robotics: Unleashing ESP32CAM's Full Potential with OpenCV for Object Detection!

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