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I’ve been deeply inspired by Jorvon Moss @Odd_Jayy and his amazing Glasses, and I wanted to give this a go myself.


I’ve always loved Casey Neistat’s Rayban sunglasses, so I decided to use that as the inspriation for my own design. I wanted to make them 3d printable, and mostly flat (because it prints much quicker).

The glasses will initially feature a single SG90 servo, connected to a 3d printed part that will hold an Adafruit Neopixel ring light. The neopixel ring will be connected to a Raspberry Pi Pico, which means I can run all kinds of cool code on it to make the servo move and the RGB LEDs light up in different patterns.

In the inital version I have not included a battery or power connectivity; I’ll look into introduce this in a v2 of the glasses.

Bill of Materials

Item Description Qty Price
SG90 Servo Any cheap SG90 servo will do 1 £3.00
Pico/Pico W Raspberry Pi Pico / Pico W 1 £3.60 / £6.30
Neopixel Ring Adafruit 12 pixel Ring 1 £7.20
3d printing filament PLA+ 0.5kg Yellow or White 1 £14.99
M2 screws 4x M2 screws, to hold the pico in place 4 £1.00
3 Wires Red, Black and Blue copper wire , 30cm 3 £1.00


This is simple enough to construct:

  1. Print out the parts - download and print out the STL files
  2. Solder wires - Solder 3 wires to the Neopixel ring; VCC, GND and Data to the Pico
  3. Glue the Neopixel ring to the ring holder part - Superglue works fine
  4. Hinges - Use a piece of 3D printing filament for the hinges
  5. Servo - screw the servo into the frame, remove the 3 pin connector and attach the wires as per the wiring diagram below
  6. Neopixel ring - attach the Neopixel holder to the servo horn, screw in the little screw to secure
  7. Pico - screw the Pico into the Arm using 4x M2 screws

MicroPython code

The code for this project is available here:






STL Files

Here are the 3d printable STL files:

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