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Makers Central `23

22 May 2023
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By Kevin McAleer
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    Watch the associated video here:

    Makers Central is a UK based event, hosted at the Birmingham National Exhibition Centre (NEC); this year it took place over the 13 & 14 of May 2023.

    This was the first large scale, in person event, I’ve attended this year and it was absolutely magical. Here are some of the highlights.

    Here are some of the YouTubers I met:

    YouTuber Photo
    Mat @notenoughtech Mat
    Xyla Foxlin @XylaFoxlin Xyla Foxlyn
    Sam @LookMumNoComputer Sam
    Frankly Built & Emily the Engineer Emily and Frankly
    Allie Katz Allie
    Ruth & Shaun - Kids Invent Stuff Ruth and Allie
    Ryan Howard - Johnny 5 Johnny 5
    Nerdforge - Martina & Hansa Martina & Hansa

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