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Clone Docker Images

Download the official docker images for ROS from the Open Source Robotics Foundation (OSRF)

By Kevin McAleer,    1 Minute

A list of Folders on the Raspberry Pi

Open Source Robotics Foundation Official Docker files

The Open Source Robotics Foundation (OSRF) maintain a suite of official Docker container definitions. Lets grab these so that we can build our own container.

Clone the official OSRF Docker Images

This step is optional, as I will provide a tested dockerfile and docker-compose.yml. However if you want to build a different version or release, these are the files you will need.

Download the official dockers images from the OSRF github repository:

  • Get official ROS docker images - From the terminal, type:
git clone


You should now have a number of extra folders on your Raspberry Pi:

A list of Folders on the Raspberry Pi

  • docker-images - contains the Official OSRF docker images
  • cubie-1 - contains the example files

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