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Summary and Review

A summary of what you have learned so far

By Kevin McAleer,    1 Minute


Let’s review the things you’ve learned in this course.

Printing the Parts

In this lesson we learned where to download the parts from, and what the parts are.

Assembling the Robot

In this section we learned how to assemble the robot parts including the Soldering the motors, fitting the motors, battery and motor holder. Adding the wheels and then testing the motors.

Wiring up the Robot

In this section we added the Arduino and Motorshield, attaching the wires from the motors, battery and range finder.


In the final section we look at adding the tracks and a couple of reources for programming your SMARS robot, and controlling it with bluetooth.

Next Steps

First of all, congratulations for completing this course, now lets get building some more programs for SMARS and extent it with additional components.

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