Learn how to download, print, assemble, and program the original SMARS robot

By Kevin McAleer,    2 Minutes

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Welcome to Build your own SMARS robot course. This course is aimed at people wanting to printing out, construct and code a simple robot. Unlike most of the other robot projects on this site, this robot uses an Arduino Uno v3, and the code is written in C++.

Course Content

In this course you will learn:

  • Where to download the files
  • How to construct the robot
  • How to wire up the robot
  • How to power the robot
  • how to bring it to life with code

Key Results

After you have completed this course you will know how to construct your own robot, wire it and power it up, and finally how to program it to avoid obstacles.

What you’ll need

To take this course you will need:

  • a computer, tablet or phone to read the course material from
  • access to a 3d printer
  • a computer that is capable of connecting to an Arduino board such as the Raspberry Pi Pico
  • a An Arduino Uno v3 board (or clone)
  • a USB cable to connect the computer to the Arduino board

How the course works

New Keywords are introduced and explained, and are highlighted to help emphasise them.

For example keywords are highlighed inline with the course text like this.

Longer examples of code are hightlighted like this:

print('this is an example')

Important notes will be highlighted in sections like the two below:

This is a note

Important notes are hightlighted like this

Another aside

Asides are also highlighed in sections, but in an alternative colour

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