Summary and Review

A summary of what you have learned so far

By Kevin McAleer,    2 Minutes

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Summary of learning

Let’s review the things you’ve learned in this course.


In this introduction you learned about where MicroPython gets it name, how to download and install it and why you would want to use it instead of other progrmaming languages. You also learned about the different programming environments available and wrote your first MicroPython program.

Variables and Reserved Words

In this section you learned about variables, constants and the different datatypes. You also wrote your second program to get input from the user and store them results in your program. You also learned about reserved words.

Controlling the Flow

In this section you learned about the if, elif and else statements, and how to use them to control the flow of your program. This section also introduced you to loops including the for and while loops. You also learned about all the types of operators that there are, with examples for each.

Functions and Modules

In this section you learned about writing functions, the REPL for entering code directly on the MicroPython board, and finally modules for enhanching your programs even further.

Next Steps

First of all, congratulations for completing this introductory course, now lets get building some more programs.

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