Why is it called MicroPython?

It’s nothing to do with tiny snakes 🐍

By Kevin McAleer,    1 Minute

Cover photo of students looking confused

MicroPython is a smaller version of the programming language Python, designed for use with MicroControllers: Micro + Python

Python gets it name from a TV show…

“When he began implementing Python, Guido van Rossum was also reading the published scripts from ‘Monty Python’s Flying Circus’, a BBC comedy series from the 1970s. Van Rossum thought he needed a name that was short, unique, and slightly mysterious, so he decided to call the language Python”

– docs.python.org

MicroPython background

MicroPython was created by Damien George, with the initial release launched on 3 May 2014. It’s actually a program that runs on MicroControllers, and is itself written in the C language.

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