Year in Review 2021

All the videos created in 2021

Also includes the number of robots, projects and articles were produced each month too.


Total Robots Created 1


How to make Music and Sound with the Arduino
How to 3d Print a SMARS Robot
What can a SMARS robot do?
Why YOU should use Jupyter Labs for Robotics
Version 4 SMARS vs Original SMARS robot, what’s the difference?
Coding for Beginners with Tinkercad
SMARS Robot Speed Build
Raspberry Pi Pico for Robotics
Raspberry Pi Pico, OpenCat and MicroPython
Raspberry Pi Pico Case design in Fusion 360
Raspberry Pi Pico, OpenCat and MicroPython   Servo Easing
Raspberry Pi 4 & VS Code
Raspberry Pi Pico and Range Finder
OttoDIY and SMARS Robots
PicoCat & Fusion 360
PicoCrab, A Raspberry Pi Pico Powered Robot Crab
PicoCat & Fusion 360 #2
SMARS Mini Modular Robot.
Using the Raspberry Pi Pico, PCA9685 and MicroPython for Robotics
Raspberry Pi Pico & VL53L0X for MicroPython
PicoCat UnitTesting with MicroPython
micro:bit for Robotics
TOP 5 SMARS issues, and how to fix them
Node,Red Automation, MQTT, NodeMCU & MicroPython
What is a Robot?
SMARS Walker, a Theo Jansen based leg system in Fusion 360
Paper SMARS, a robot you can print
1000 Subscribers video, #Makeitcount
Pico SMARS, A Raspberry Pi Pico Powered SMARS
Build Your Own AI Assistant Part 1, Creating the Assistant
micro:bit Quad Robot with MakeCode
Spring 2021, Project Update
Raspberry Pi Pico & SSD1306 Display with MicroPython
Raspberry Pi Pico & MPU9250 with MicroPython
Raspberry Pi Pico & Bluetooth
Raspberry Pi Pico, 7 Segment Displays and 74hc595 shift registers
How to load MicroPython onto the Raspberry Pi Pico
Managing files on the Pico with MicroPython
Auto,start scripts on MicroPython
Rotary Encoders with the Raspberry Pi Pico and MicroPython
Rotary Display Menu for Raspberry Pi Pico in MicroPython
Build your Dream Robot Lab
Potentiometers and Pico with MicroPython
4x4 Keypads, Raspberry Pi Pico and MicroPython
SMARS Mini Backpack update
SMARS Dumper Truck Trailer
Pico Remote Control for SMARS
Visual Studio Code setup for Raspberry Pi Pico
Arduino Nano RP2040 Connect, First look
Install MicroPython on ESP8266 & ESP32
MicroPython & Wi-Fi
WeatherBot. An ESP8266 and MicroPython powered Robot
Merlins Cave, a Pico and MicroPython Adventure
5 Things about MicroPython you need to know
Pico Bluetooth Remote Control for SMARS #2
Securing passwords with MicroPython
SMARS Quad Morse Code #Shorts
SMARSLab, for Quad Walking Robots
Moving from Arduino to MicroPython, livestream (had to stop due to streaming issues)
Moving from Arduino to MicroPython, 10 Things you need to know.
Build Your Own AI Assistant Part 2, To Do lists.
Build Your Own AI Assistant Part 3, Object Classification with Python
Build Your Own AI Assistant Part 4, Weather Skill
Face Detection using OpenCV using a Raspberry Pi Zero
Pico Starter Kit Unboxing and Review
Raspberry Pi Zero Thermal Printer #Shorts
Raspberry Pi Zero Thermal Printer fun project
Control Arduino with  Python using Firmata // PyFirmata
How to add Wireless Charging to your Robot projects (it's so easy)
Wireless Charging, How to add it to Raspberry Pi Pico, ESP32, Arduino micro:bit projects #Shorts
Using MQTT with Robots (And Home Automation), Its easier than you think
Raspberry Pi Pico Wi-Fi Module, how to add Wi-Fi to your Pico Projects
Pico Wi-Fi Module  #shorts
Which board should you use?
Build Your Own AI Part 5, Calendar Skill #Trailer
Build Your Own AI Assistant Part 5, Calendar Skill
#Shorts, Jetson Nano Custom Object Detection, how to train your own AI
Jetson Nano Custom Object Detection, how to train your own AI
Raspberry Pi Pico and the nRF24L01 radio module, how to get this working with MicroPython
Raspberry Pi Pico and nRF24L01 #Shorts
Raspberry Pi Pico RGB Keypad Base from Pimoroni | Plus Meet the Maker
ESP32CAM for Robotics, MicroPython and SMARS
ESP32CAM For Robotics, #Shorts
Lego Mindstorms Robot vs SMARS Robot
Raspberry Pi Pico, Tic,Tac,Toe Playing Robot: Pico,Tico
Inverse Kinematics in Python and MicroPython
Make your own Arduino on a breadboard
Meet the Maker, Camilo Parra Palacio, OttoDIY
Pico,Tamachibi, A Raspberry Pi Pico Powered Virtual Pet
Virtual Pet Code in MicroPython on the Raspberry Pi Pico, Pico,Tamachibi
Raspberry Pi 400 Setup for Robotics, How I setup my RPI400
Halloween Robot Design in Fusion 360
Meet the Maker, Simon Monk of MonkMakes
An introduction to ROS the Robot Operating System
Installing ROS on a Raspberry Pi 4//400
Raspberry Pi Zero 2, Zero gets an upgrade.
How to install ROS in Docker, on Raspberry Pi 4 running Ubuntu
Halloween Robots, Part 2: Arduino Line Following Bots
How to build a dancing robot
Meet the Maker, meet Liz Clark from BlitzCityDIY
Upgrading Raspberry Pi OS, Without Loosing Files
Raspberry Pi Theremin Midi Project
Raspberry Pi Zero 2 Theremin, TherePi Part 2
Raspberry Pi Pico & RFID
Meet Clustered,Pi, the Raspberry Pi Zero cluster, Clustered,Pi Part 1
How to remotely login to a Raspberry Pi securely WITHOUT a password, Clustered,Pi Part 2
Automate with Ansible, Clustered,Pi Part 3
Micropython Threads, Use Both Cores, on Raspberry Pi Pico and ESP32
Build your own Bird Detector with A.I., TwitcherPi: The Raspberry Pi Camera Bird Classifier
How Many Robots did I build in 2021?
Boxing Day Unboxing, New Robot for the Robot Lab
Raspberry Pi Imager, The Secret Menu you need to know about

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