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Robot Eye Mechanism

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Create a Component

Creating the initial Compoent

By Kevin McAleer,    1 Minute

Open Fusion 360

  • Launch Fusion 360 - Open the Fusion 360 Application

It will open on a fresh new blank design

  • Save Design - Click on File from the file menu, and then Save, and give your design a name such as eye mechanism

Create a Component

  • Click Assemble - Click on the Assemble drowdown button on the toolbar

Fusion full screen

  • Click Create Component - Click on the Create Component button on the toolbar

Create Component Dialog

  • Click Ok - Click on the ok button

  • Look at the Browser - Check that the new component has been created in the brwoser on the left hand side of the screen

Create Component Dialog

  • Notice the different parts of the component -

Create Component Dialog

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