Part 4 - Weather Skill

Lets build our next skill - get the weather forecast for our location


In this part we will create a useful Weather Skill - to get the forecast for the next 5 days as well as todays weather. We’ll use a cloud based weather service (no pun intended, well…).

Table of Contents

Video on YouTube

I created a popular video series on YouTube, which goes over each of the steps below. The fourth part is featured below.

Session Goals

Build a Weather Skill OpenWeatherMap PyOWM Library Python Code

Build a Weather skill

  • Get weather forecast for next 5 days
  • Get todays weather
  • Look at the types of data we can pull from Open Weather Map
  • Speak the forecast on command

OpenWeather Map

Where we get our weather data from OpenWeather

  • Create a free account on OpenWeather
  • Create an API key (we’ll need this to access the weather data in our code)


Python OpenWeatherMap Library

PyOWM makes it easy to get a weather forecast Use ‘one_call’ with lat and long and it will return a weather object containing lots of data we can use

def weather(self):
    """ Returns the current weather at this location """
    forecast = self.mgr.one_call(, lon=self.long)
    return forecast

Latitude and Longitude

Where’s you at?

  • OpenWeatherMap takes a Lat and Long position
  • We can get this using GeoPy - a Python Geographic Utility Library
  • Geopy can take a place name and country and provide the lat and long of this location
  • We can then use the Lat and Long to get the weather forecast

Our Weather Class

What we’re aiming for

AI will say:

Here is today’s weather: Today will be mostly , with a temperature of , humidity of , and a pressure of millibars. Sunrise was at , and sunset is at . The Ultaviolet level is


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