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Navigating Content

How to navigate content

By Kevin McAleer,    1 Minute

The content is structured in a way that makes sense to the student taking the course.

Related lessons are groups by topic in a top to bottom structure.

This gives the student the opportunity to jump to specific topics of interest.

The couse structure also lays out the lessons in a cumulative approach, where one lesson will build on the knowledge gained in the previous lessons.

The hierachy is only one level deep, and courses are bite-sized so that you can learn something useful in a single session.

Percentage complete

An indication of how far through the course you are is provided in the Percenage complete bar.

This will help you understand the pace of your learning, and how long left in the course you are likely to take.

Current page

The navigation also indicates the current page you are on by highlighing the lesson name in Orange.

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