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Bill of Materials

Items Description Qty Price
RGB Keypad Pimoroni Pico RGB Keypad Base 1 £18.25

3d design

The Pico-Deck stand is based on the Pi Stands I’ve created previously. Its angled for comfort and fits the Pico RGB Keypad Base perfectly.


Pico-Deck Software

Turn your Pimoroni Pico RBG Keypad into a USB Shortcut Keypad that is configurable via a simple Yaml file.

Installation & Prerequisites

To get up and running quickly,

  1. Flash your Pico with the latest version of Circuit Python, from Adafruit
  2. Clone this repository and copy all the files on to the pico
  3. Edit the keypad.yml file to setup your own keyboard shortcuts
  4. Restart the Pico and away you go.


You can configure the PiDeck using the keypad.yml file. It has 16 sections, one for each key.

  • Each key as a name 0 to 15 (why not 1 to 16? - it’s a programming thing!)
  • Then it has an on and off HEX RGB value (without any leading # character). The off value will be shown when the key isn’t press, the on value when the key is pressed.
  • If the effect is set to pulse the key will pulse between the off and on values.
  • The command is the sequence of keys (or shortcut) that will be sent to the computer. On a Mac, you can use the Automator to specify a service and then Application to launch, then in the Keyboard panel with Settings you can specify the shortcut key combination to launch that app. Pair that with the key combination in the command and you have yourself a productivity Swiss Army knife.
  • Finally button_type lets you choose whether the key is a single press momentry touch button, or if it is a toggle button where it stays on until you press it again.
- name: 0
   off: FFFFFF
   on: B4F8C8
   effect: none
   command: COMMAND S
   button_type: press
- name: 1
   off: FFFF00
   on: 00FF00
   effect: pulse
   command: COMMAND TAB
   button_type: toggle

Download the STL files and print today

MicroPython Code

You can download the full code from the repository for this project:

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