Pimoroni Videos

Product Introduction Videos I’ve made for Pimoroni

I’ve made quite a few product introduction videos for Pimoroni. Some of these are quite funny too; Hel’s product descriptions are legendary.

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Introducing Picade - a Raspberry Pi powered desktop retro arcade machine

20 September 2023

Stellar Unicorn

Introducing Stellar Unicorn (16 x 16 smart LED matrix)

22 August 2023

Inventor 2040 W

Introducing Inventor 2040 W (all in one servo/motor/audio board with Pico W Aboard)

19 July 2023

Inventor Hat Mini

First look at Inventor Hat Mini (motor/servo/audio HAT for Raspberry Pi)

18 April 2023

Inky Frame 7.3

First look at Inky Frame 7.3 (800 x 480 seven colour E Ink with Pico W Aboard)

8 March 2023

Cosmic Unicorn

First look at Cosmic Unicorn (32 x 32 RGB LED matrix with Raspberry Pi Pico W Aboard)

2 March 2023

Badger 2040 W

First look at Badger 2040 W (all-in-one E Ink badge with Raspberry Pi Pico W Aboard)

16 February 2023

Wireless Plasma Kit: Cubey

Introducing Wireless Plasma Kit - Cubey Edition (Raspberry Pico W Aboard)

13 January 2023

Inky Frame 4.0

Introducing Inky Frame 4.0 - vibrant seven colour E Ink with Pico W Aboard

3 January 2023

Interstate 75W

Introducing Interstate 75W - RGB LED matrix driver with Pico W Aboard

19 December 2022

Pico GFX Pack

Introducing Pico GFX Pack - a fun LCD display for Raspberry Pi Pico / Pico W

18 November 2022

Wireless Plasma Kit: Skully

Introducing Wireless Plasma Kit - Skully Edition (Raspberry Pico W Aboard)

21 October 2022

Automation 2040 W Mini

Introducing Automation 2040 W Mini - a slimline industrial/automation controller with Pico W Aboard

6 September 2022

Motor 2040

First look at Motor 2040 - an all-in-one quad motor controller, powered by RP2040

17 June 2022

Tufty 2040

First look at Tufty 2040 - a snazzy colourful LCD badge powered by RP2040

17 June 2022

Tiny 2040

Introducing Tiny 2040 - a postage stamp sized RP2040 dev board

17 May 2022

Pico Display Pack

Introducing Pico Display Pack - a 1.14 IPS LCD screen for Raspberry Pi Pico

9 May 2022

Plasma 2040

Introducing Plasma 2040 - an all in one controller for 5V addressable RGB LED strip

9 April 2022

Interstate 75

Introducing Interstate 75 - a RGB LED matrix driver, powered by RP2040

8 April 2022

Keybow 2040

Introducing Keybow 2040 - 16 key mini mechanical keyboard powered by RP2040

4 April 2022

Pico Explorer

Introducing Pico Explorer - an electronic playground for your Raspberry Pi Pico

4 April 2022


Introducing Picade - a Raspberry Pi powered desktop retro arcade machine

4 April 2022

Servo 2040

First look at Servo 2040 - an all-in-one 18 channel servo controller, powered by RP2040

1 April 2022

Badger 2040

First look at Badger 2040 - a super fast E Ink badge powered by RP2040

25 February 2022


Introducing Trilobot - a learning friendly Raspberry Pi powered robot

25 February 2022

Weather HAT

Introducing Weather HAT & Weather Sensors Kit - make your own Raspberry Pi weather station

21 February 2022

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