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About Kevin McAleer

Hi, and thanks for taking an interest in what I do! I’m a hobbyist robotics fanatic who likes to build robots, share videos about them on YouTube and teach people how to do the same, or as I say on every video:

‘Learn with me as we Build Robots, bring them to life with code, and have a whole load of fun along the way’.

I live in the UK (up North), with my beautiful wife, 2 Chihuahuas and way too many cats.

Assemble & Code with MeArm and Pimoroni Inventor Hat on Raspberry Pi Zero W

04 June 2023


Can robots dance? #python #robotics

03 June 2023


Can you power a #RaspberryPi #Pico using Potato’s?

29 May 2023


The Shortage is over, so let's look at Every Raspberry Pi HAT, PHAT, WHAT and Shim

28 May 2023


Platform Description Link
YouTube This is where I publish all my videos to, if you like them help me grow the channel by subscribing
Twitter I tweet at least once per day, always on topic about something to do with Robotics, Programming, or Raspberry Pi’s
Instagram I post pictures a couple of times per week, showing what I’m currently working on, follow if you want to learn more
Facebook I’m not using facebook as much as I used to, but I do a vibrant community of over 23,000 followers in the Small Robots group
Twitch I restream to Twitch when I go live, however its not a site I spend any time developing
TikTok TikTok isn’t just people dancing - there is lots of Robot related stuff too, follow me at:
SMARSFan My first robotics website is dedicated to the amazing Arduino based SMARS robot - check it out:
Clustered-Pi I build a small computer cluster (shaped like a Cray-1 Super computer, it runs this website: I do a lot of Product Intro videos for Pimoroni - check them out here:

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