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Dive into the innovative world of robotics with PiDog, a robotic dog that combines fun, education, and advanced technology into a unique learning experience. Perfect for hobbyists and learners of all ages!

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30 March 2024 by Kevin McAleer

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A solid 4.2 out of 5. The SunFounder PiDog is an incredible addition to educational robotics, offering a perfect blend of fun and learning. With its advanced features and unique design, PiDog is a prime example of how technology can make learning engaging and enjoyable.

PiDog Review

The SunFounder PiDog is a testament to the evolving world of educational robotics. Designed for an audience that includes children and adults, PiDog makes robotics accessible and entertaining for everyone. Its unique features and interactive capabilities make it more than just a toy; it’s a companion and a gateway into the world of technology and programming.

Features & Functionality

PiDog boasts:

  • An aluminium alloy structure for durability.
  • Advanced AI, including face and object recognition.
  • A full 3-axis head for expressive movements.
  • Wagging tail and full walking capabilities.
  • Interactive sensors including:
    • touch sensor on the head
    • sound; a 3 microphone directional audio input, and a loud speaker for output
    • ultrasonic distance measurement
    • camera system for computer vision applications

This robotic dog comes to life with capabilities such as shaking its head, wagging its tail, walking, and even performing push-ups. Its sensory suite, including a camera and various sensors, enables it to navigate and interact with its environment in ways that mimic a natural dog.

What’s in the Box

Upon unboxing, you’ll find everything needed to bring your robotic companion to life:

  1. The robotic components and aluminium frame.
  2. A Raspberry Pi (not included in this kit but is available as an optional extra) powers the PiDog, enabling its advanced features.
  3. Detailed documentation and links to online resources to get started.

User Instructions & Documentation

While the PiDog comes with comprehensive online guides and videos, the servo wiring information is somewhat elusive. It is documented in a singular location that is not included in the PDF instructions.

Ease of Use

Assembly is enjoyable, thanks to the high-quality build and clear instructions. However, users should note that an outdated version of the Raspberry Pi OS is required, which may pose a slight inconvenience (hopefully, Sunfounder will update this soon).


PiDog is readily available for purchase through SunFounder’s website. It is a unique educational tool that blurs the lines between play and learning.


With a unique and expressive design, PiDog doesn’t just look like a robotic dog; it seems like a futuristic companion ready to explore the world alongside its human friends.


Given its robust features and the educational value it provides, PiDog represents good value for money, especially for those passionate about robotics and programming.

Build Quality

The build quality of PiDog is commendable. It features a sturdy aluminium alloy structure. The attention to detail in its design and functionality is apparent, making it a durable and reliable robotic pet.


PiDog comes in eco-friendly(ish) packaging (there are several plastic bags inside for each of the screws and components, which could have been in paper envelopes), ensuring a commitment to environmental sustainability matches the excitement of opening your new robotic friend.

Environmental Considerations

The recycleable aluminium frame and eco-friendly packaging are positive steps towards sustainability. However, the plastic bags for the components could be replaced with more environmentally friendly alternatives.


PiDog by SunFounder is a breakthrough in educational robotics. It offers a unique and interactive way to learn about programming and technology. Despite minor drawbacks, such as the requirement for an older version of Raspberry Pi OS and some documentation challenges, PiDog’s overall quality, features, and educational value make it a must-have for enthusiasts and learners alike.

Review Score

Below is the Kevs Robots review framework. First, each product is scored out of 5 for each of the 9 areas. The total score is then calculated by adding the scores for each area and dividing by 9. The total score is then rounded to the nearest whole number.

Scoring area 1 2 3 4 5
Price Very Expensive, verging on not worth it Expensive, but worth it for the value add Affordable, similar in price to competitors Cheap / great value for the parts and features Free / Very low cost
Ease of use Hard to use, complex operations requiring multipe steps Many steps, some of which as complex. Some steps to construct or operate, some of which are complex Few steps, simple to do Very easy to use / use is obvious and clear
Functionality Very little innovation or usefulness Does less then you’d expect, but still useful Practice, does what you expect but no more Quite a few innovative functions, does more than you’d expect Amazing features & innovation, industry leading
Availability Very difficult to get hold of any variation or version Little available; some variations or versions are available Available in some countries and stocks mostly available Available in most countries & mostly in stock, short wait for stock replenishment All versions and variations widely available in all countries & in stock
Aesthetics Design is not pleasing to the eye; poor colour choice, parts do not fit together, no cohesive design Design is acceptable, some elements do not work together well Design is functional, no overall cohesion Design is functional with some flair, most elements work together well Very pleasing to the eye, complimentary colour choices, great fit and finish, with an overall cohesive design
Build Quality Poor construction, with gaps or overlapping parts. Poor quality materials used Functional construction, cheap materials Functional construction, acceptable materials used Durable design, some parts are high quality, most are acceptable Solid construction, parts fit together as intended with no unexpected gaps or overlapping parts. High quality materials and parts used
Documentation Single language instructions, no diagrams, basic features only Basic instructions, technical specifications in a few languages, little no diagrams, no example code Basic instructions, technical specifications in a few languages, diagrams for use. Some example code Documentation available in multiple languages, with all features covered and diagrams for use. Some example code Documentation available in multiple languages, with all features covered and simple diagrams for use. Mechanical and circuit diagrams also included. Example code. Advanced topics covered too
Packaging Little to no thought given to environment. Wasteful use of space leading to higher shipping costs. Excess layers of packaging Some thought given to environmental packaging & recycling. A few layers of packaging Some thought given to environmental packaging materials & recycling. Single layer of packaging Environmentally friendly, packaging designed for recycling with some effort. Packaging is has mostly efficient use of space to cut down on shipping costs Environmentally friendly, packaging designed for easy recycling. Packaging is small with efficient use of space to cut down on shipping costs
Environmental No consideration given to sourcing, production, supply, delivery or disposal of product, with toxic chemicals used in production No consideration given to sourcing, production, supply, delivery or disposal of product Product is efficient to operate, but may have poor environmental production or disposal impacts Most of the product is sourced from recycled materials, no toxic chemicals used in production, some thought given to production and delivery energy used Product is sourced from 100% recycled materials, with no toxic chemicals used in production. produced with clean energy, packaging designed to lower delivery costs and disposal of product is taken care of

total is 4.2

🎁 See the transparency notes for details.

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