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Robot Eye Mechanism

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Create Hinge from Profile

Lets create the lower eyelid hinge from the new profile

By Kevin McAleer,    1 Minute

Lower Hinge

The lower eyelid hinge needs to fit over the upper eyelid hinge, so we can use that to extrude from.

  • Extrude - Select the circle profiles and extrude by 2mm symmetrically.

Eye profile

  • Join - Extrude the profile below by -2mm:

    • Set the start to object, and use the flat section as the new object profile

Offset plane

  • Extrude the screw hole - extrude the middle screw hole profile, setting the distance to all

Offset plane

Extrude to Object

There is a small gap between our parts that we need to fill.

Offset plane

Fusion has a handy feature for this in the extrude dialog box in the extent type called to object.

Offset plane

Offset plane


Lets mirror this new feature.

  • Mirror - Click on the CREATE and Mirror function, then select the 4 features that have just been created and the origin as the mirror plane.

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