Zero Stand

3D Print a cute stand for Raspberry Pi Zeros - specifically designed for pHats

15 May 2022 by Kevin McAleer



The Zero Stand is a single piece 3d printable holder for Raspberry Pi Zero based computers.

If features four raised mounting points that can used to attach the Raspberry Pi Zero using 4 M2.5 screws.

The stand is tilted to optmise the viewing angle of displays that are often included on pHats, such as the Pimoroni Grow Hat, Pimoroni Enviro+ Hat and so on.

Download the STL files

Click here to download the STL file (it’s completely free!). If you want to support my work, you can visit Buy Me A Coffee and buy me a coffee!

Printing Tips

It’s best to change the orientation of the stand so that the ‘face’ of the stand is pointing straight down. See the picture below.

Cura screenshot


If you want to see the stand in action, I covered this in a recent video that you can watch here: