Pimoroni Enviro Indoor Stevenson Screen case

3d Printable Stevenson Screen for Pimoroni Enviro Indoor

3D Print your own Stevenson Screen for the Pimoroni Enviro Indoor sensor

Pimoroni Enviro 3d Printed

10 August 2022 by Kevin McAleer | Share this article on

Table of Contents

Enviro Sensors

Pimoroni Indoor sensor

Have you seen the new Pimoroni Enviro range of sensors? There are is a line up of great sensors, including:

  • Enviro Indoor - for measuring indoor temperature, humidity, pressure and Volitile Organic Compounds (VOC). It also has a light and colour sensor.
  • Enviro Urban - for measuring outdoor temperature, humidity, pressure and particulate matter
  • Enviro Grow - for measuring plant health; moisure level, humidity, temperature, pressure and even has 3 water pump connectors for auto watering your plants
  • Enviro Weather - for measuring weather, including Rain level, Windspeed and direction, temperature, humidity, pressure and light levels
  • Enviro Camera - 2 megapixel camera for capturing images of wildlife

What makes the Enviro a standout product

The Enviro has a special feature up it sleeve - it can run on a battery for over 6 months due to insanely great battery management. This means you can plug in a battery pack, place it somewhere convienent and forget about it!

Local Storage, MQTT and even InfluxDB connectivity

The Enviro takes data readings every 5 minutes, and after the 5th reading it will connect to the local wifi and upload the readings to a number of end points, including:

  • MQTT (this is the endpoint I’ve choosen)
  • InfluxDB
  • Local storage
  • Adafruit I/O
  • Custom HTTP endpoint

3D Printed Enclosure (STL Files)

I’ve designed a cute enclosure for the Enviro Indoor, which is big enough to hold both the Enviro and a battery Pack. The design is based on the larger Stevenson Screen, which is pretty cheap at £13 plus shipping.

Enviro 3d design render

You can download the STL files here:

The Enclosure.stl is the main body, and the Bottom.stl is the bottom section that can be screwed in with two 2M screws/bolts.

These are completely free to download - if you want to support my work (which is always free), you can buy me a coffee

Enjoy! -Kevin

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