Hack a Big Mouth Billy Bass

Learn how to hack a Big Mouth Billy Bass with a Raspberry Pi Pico W

9 July 2022 by Kevin McAleer

Table of Contents

Pico W plaything

I’ve seen a lot of tutorials that show you how to switch and LED on and off or host a webpage on a Pico W to toggle an LED on and off, so I thought I’d take this to the next level.

Big Mouth Billy Bass

I bought an original Big Mouth Billy Bass from Ebay a couple of months ago and its been sitting on my shelf ever since. I decided this would be the perfect robot project for the Pico W - to hack the Big Mouth and make it move using a Pico, and then make this controllable via a webpage.

Bonus points

Someone asked if i would make this accessible over the Internet, so a couple of clicks later and i had purchased the domain big.mouthpi.co (Big Mouth Pico).

To protect my home IP address, and also prevent denial of service attacks I also setup Cloudflare to add an extra layer between the domain name url and the actual Pico W on my home network.

If you want to access the Pico W yourself and give it a go - head over to https://mouthpi.co and click some buttons!

Source Code

If you want to download the code and have a play with it yourself you can download it from https://www.github.com/kevinmcaleer/bigmouth_wifi

YouTube Video

If you want to know more about this project you can watch the Livestream, recorded on 10 July 2022 over on my YouTube channel.

Check that out here: